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The Full Story

Hi there, I'm Peter Gray, a self-taught artist based in Co. Fermanagh, Ireland. My preferred medium is acrylic, and my journey into art began when I was seventeen years old. I vividly recall my first painting experience, which occurred when my art teacher took a chance on me and allowed me to join the final years' art class despite having no prior experience in any art class.
Although I quickly discovered that I was only average at most art forms, I hadn't yet found my passion. That all changed when my teacher presented me with a set of acrylic paints and asked me to create a painting within a week. I eagerly accepted the challenge, and the following week, I proudly presented my first-ever painting, which depicted the legendary jazz singer Ray Charles seated at a polished black piano in a dimly lit, smoky room.
To my surprise, my teacher loved the piece, which gave me the confidence to keep painting. Although I initially painted in my spare time and sold pieces here and there over the next decade, I focused most of my energy on activities I believed were essential for a successful and stable life. However, I eventually realized that this was merely an illusion.
Therefore, I made the decision to step back from that way of life and pursue my passion for painting full-time, immersing myself entirely in the world of creative thinking.

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