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Commissions - Saving the Portrait

Updated: Feb 1

Next year prices for commissions will again be changing due to the increasing price in materials and especially paint. This does not mean that the prices are going to increase across the board. I have made sure that this will not be the case by changing the way I work so that original paintings are available for everyone one.

Commissioning a painting is still seen as a so called upper class thing to do. This is of course not the case. Getting people to see this and open their minds to getting a painting is something I am very eager to do. Art was there before letters helping to connect people to the world around them and pass on knowledge. I believe there is nothing that can compare to an original piece created by an artist who can not only portray an image on the canvas but excess elements of emotion that can only be seen through the eyes of another human.

Portrait completed early 2023 of 'Dave Chappelle'

In the Studio (September 2023)

Complete Guide to Portrait Commissions

Commissioning a portrait painting should be a straightforward and enjoyable process, devoid of unnecessary complications or stress. I willingly shoulder all the responsibilities and challenges involved, even though I personally find painting portraits to be the most calming among the various subjects I undertake. Your experience should be seamless and stress-free from start to finish.

The initial stage is as straightforward as CLARIFYING YOUR PREFERENCES! While it may sound direct, it's astonishing how often individuals inquire about portraits without a clear idea of the desired size, were they will place the painting or even the subjects they want to include.

First step - budget!

Undoubtedly, the budget is a central consideration when contemplating a commission. I want to emphasize that paintings involve a significant cost, and recognizing this fact is crucial. View it as an investment above all else. Establish a budget for yourself, reach out to me, and I'll make every effort to collaborate within those financial parameters. Accessibility to art is a priority, and I aim to make it feasible for everyone.

Second Step - DO you have room for a painting....?

If you're investing in a painting, it's essential to have a designated spot for it. Knowing where you intend to place it is crucial. I always advise people to determine the location before reaching out and then choose the painting's size accordingly. Additionally, this decision should align with your intended budget. It's impractical to pay for a small painting on an oversized wall where it might get lost, just as it is to invest in a larger painting for a space where it barely fits.

Third Step - WHO?

Incorporating additional individuals into a commissioned painting is more complex than it might appear. The level of effort significantly increases with each added person, resulting in an upward adjustment of the overall cost. It might be more practical for you to consider spreading the expenses and obtaining one portrait at a time. This aligns seamlessly with the second step, as the size of the painting is a pivotal factor. Generally, more people entail a larger canvas.

Below is a small portrait on a linen canvas 30x40cm. This is the perfect size for a small affordable one person painting.

This next painting below is sized 50x60cm and is great for a larger one person painting or a two person in horizontal view,

2024 pricing

The table below is a basic round up of pricing going into 2024 for a signal person portrait. These are approximate prices and are subject to change.


Number of People














To secure a commission slot, a 50% deposit is required, with the remaining balance payable upon completion of the painting. If you desire to cancel the painting after the deposit you will of course receive a full refund.

Click on the File Link Below to Read Commission Terms & Conditions

Download PDF • 29KB

For More information please get in contact by clicking on the button below!

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