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'Sodom' - Thought Process of the Artist

'Beneath the moon, a malevolent dance, Debauchery's symphony, a spectral trance. Sulfurous winds whispered of doom, In the heart of Sodom, a city consumed.'

"In the shadowed annals of time, there lies a tale of a forsaken city, a macabre metropolis veiled in the sinewy tendrils of dread. Sodom, a name whispered with trepidation, its very essence steeped in the malevolence that danced upon the precipice of damnation. Amidst its twisted alleys and towering spires, a malignant force thrived—an insidious darkness that eclipsed the moonlit nights and corrupted the very stones upon which the city stood.

In the accursed heart of Sodom, the denizens reveled in debauchery, a symphony of depravity echoing through the haunted streets. The air itself was thick with the scent of sulfur, a harbinger of the unholy covenant forged within those profane walls. As the moon cast its ghastly glow upon the city, twisted shadows whispered of unspeakable horrors that unfolded in the hidden corners, where morality dared not tread.

It is said that the gods, repulsed by the festering iniquity, cast their divine wrath upon Sodom. The heavens wept fire and brimstone, a cataclysmic symphony of horror that engulfed the city in an infernal embrace. The screams of the damned harmonized with the wails of spectral lament, the very earth convulsing beneath the weight of divine retribution.

Legend or lament, the tale of Sodom persists—a chilling epic of a city ensnared by the tendrils of its own malevolence, its name eternally etched in the annals of horror, a cautionary dirge for those who dare tread the precipice of moral decay."

This painting spilled onto the canvas with a unique intensity. Prior to embarking on 'Sodom,' I had dedicated three days to another painting. Yet, in a transformative moment that stretched into an enduring reverie, I revisited my older sketchbooks, stumbling upon scattered notes. Many of my creative concepts often find their genesis in written musings or succinct poems, with imagery unfolding in its own time. These notes contained fleeting reflections on biblical-themed paintings, historical tidbits about the Crusades, and comparisons between antiquity and the contemporary era. Concurrently, my exploration into ancient shamanic realms and their impact on civilizations lost to history sparked a profound interest. This curiosity led me down the path of the Sodom and Gomorrah narrative, a tale familiar to me.

From this juncture, the existing painting vanished from my mental canvas. Armed with a round sponge, I excavated the last traces with titanium white paint from an almost depleted tube, shrouding the previous work and establishing the groundwork for something new.

While the biblical stories of Sodom adhere to an overarching narrative, my focus shifted to the inhabitants within the city. Those individuals who teetered on the precipice between God's wrath and mercy. Did they comprehend the inherent evil in their deeds? What series of choices had led these men, once blessed by the breath of God, to drink from the devil's cup? These of course are nanswerable questions, as little is known about the transformation that veers a soul toward darkness.

Amidst the depths of profound loss and introspective searching, as I sought to extract a trace of an answer that could be conveyed onto the canvas, 'Sodom' materialized. It became the artistic manifestation of the central question driving the creative journey—a painting poised to incessantly pose the inquiry:

Who were these people in those concluding moments of this City?

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